India-China Update:-Chinese Army Remove Tents in Galwan

Chinese army retreats on LAC, China says steps taken to reduce stress
India and China forces have agreed to reduce tension on the LAC. Under this, the Chinese army took 2 km from Galvan valley. We have taken back steps.

  • LAC stress reduction
  • Chinese Foreign Ministry also released a statement

Near the LAC on the Ladakh border, the Chinese army has finally started removing its tents. Based on the interaction between the two armies, the Chinese army is about one to two km. Has retreated to Now China’s Foreign Ministry has also issued a statement on this matter.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry says that some steps have been taken on the advance front to establish peace, in which the process of withdrawing troops has started.
On the other hand, the Chinese newspaper Global Times has also talked about reducing tension on the border. The Global Times says that the Indian and Chinese armies have decided to reduce troops on a batch basis from the front border. In this, the decision was taken after the meeting between the two countries on June 30.

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On behalf of China, it has been said that in the talks of Commander Level, both countries expressed a desire to reduce tension, on this basis now this action is being done. It has been said from the Chinese newspaper that India should talk peace with China and reduce its troops.
Let us tell you that India had made a mirror deployment to answer China. This means that as many soldiers were deployed by China, India also deployed as many. Apart from this, the Indian Air Force was continuously practicing with its fighters.

 Chinese Army Retreat 1.5 KM from Galvan

Since May, there was tension between China and India. It is now reported that on June 15, the Chinese army has retreated about one to two km from the part of the forces of the two countries in which the forces of the two countries came face to face. A buffer zone has now been created in the area, so that there is no clash among the soldiers like last time.

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