Humanity: Awakened sentinels of Humanity

Humanity built in seven days of a houseless person

Shri Ganga Nagar. The servicemen of Dera Sacha Sauda, ​​who deploy as vigilant watchdogs of the path of humanity, are engaging day and night in the welfare of humanity. Following the holy inspiration of Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, the revered Guru Saint of Dera Sacha Sauda, ​​the servants of the city these days are serving to build a house for a needy family. The unemployed landlord, with his blind wife and naive bitch, was passing through the rented house with great difficulty. When the servants came to know about this, they talk to the landlord and find out that his plot was lying in Shivaji Nagar. Then what was the remembrance of his revered Guru? On the first day of the day, under the service work, the roof of the house built.

Ashok was living in a rented house with the Kukkad family (Humanity)

The servicemen provided a room, veranda, a store, kitchen, bathroom, and the entire boundary wall of the house as well as a shed made of cement sheets near the main door during a week of service in Shivaji Nagar. Sevadar Sohan Lal Insan says that Ashok Kukkad, a resident of Shivaji Nagar, was living with his family in a rent house with great difficulty as the unemployed. When the sevadars came to know about the dream of God fulfilling their desire to build a plot and build a house in this regard, immediately the sevadars started the service with the slogan ‘Dhan Dhan Satguru Tera Hi Asra’.

In this pious work of service, the serving sisters of the women’s branch played very well under the leadership of Satosh Insan and Raj Insan. On the completion of the roof service on Sunday, the word of solicitation was uttered while remembering the Satguru and the Halwa Prasad was fed to the servicemen and family. In this revival of service, Shah Satnam Ji Green S Welfare Force Wing responsible servicemen Avatar Kamra Insan, Darshan Billandi Insan, Badriprasad Insan, Radheshyam Grover Insan, Lavish Insan, Jasvindra, Lavish, Sanjay Jagga, Aneesh, Anmol, Vijay, Satpal, Many servicemen, including Gurdat, Meera, Sanjay, Jaswinder Purshotam Bahl, Madan Lal Grover, and Jaswinder Kaur were supported.

Self-employment will go on in the shad

Ashok Kukkad has a small building, with which he makes a living by doing small tasks. The servants also constructed a shed with a cement sheet near the main door to make it self-employed so that it could easily make its living.

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