Monsoon Enjoying Life

How to Make the Best of Monsoon

We live in a country where one can enjoy all the diversified colors of the weather. We all gaze and adore summer, winter, and autumn but monsoon is a less favorite. Monsoon knocks with mixed feelings of a sigh of relief from the staunching summer with the beauty of nature- rain, while on the other hand the probability of infections, diseases increases, and unpredictability of the rain, muddy roads, commutation problems are the reasons for being cautious in Monsoon.
Things eating which you can boost yourself in Monsoon
During monsoon, increase your appetite for green vegetables, cereals, and fruits in this season – these will nourish your body with vitamins and proteins, in order to increase the immunity against infections. Instead of salads, steamed salads can be a better option to have. You should go for olive oil or corn oil while cooking. To increase the intake of the vital nutrients, one should have dry foods in monsoon-like chickpeas, oats, corns etc. You must include these ingredients in your food – jeera, pepper, coriander, ginger, garlic, turmeric, etc. They increase your body immunity against germs.
Things you should avoid during Monsoon
You should avoid dairy products like cottage cheese, Buttermilk or lassi when you are eating outside of your home. You should not have salads and open up fruits because they might be contaminated with germs. One should avoid non-vegetarian food in the rainy season especially fish and chicken. You should also stray away from heavy oils while cooking like sesame oil or mustard oil. Take a break with junk food in monsoon as they cause inflammation and swelling

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