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How Online Education can be more Attractive?

By – Sakina Kasim Jaidi

If looking towards certain point, online classes can be an attractive mode of education. As students are in homes and one can let them participate in certain activities from which they can learn a lot.

Schools are getting Newly Normal – online Classrooms

In the beginning of 2020 mobile phones, computers and other electronic gadgets were considered as contradictory in the Indian education system. During the pandemic, education sector was forced to get depended upon these gadgets for providing the quality education. Continuously watching LCD can be boring for anyone. So here, the requirement is to change the flow of education through which a student can enjoy his/her classes and can focus.

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Online Morning Assembly

In morning assembly teachers and students together can sing the prayer and can share a,’ thought of the day’, which is actually a good initiative for the day. If classes are online that doesn’t mean that morning assembly can’t be online. Same schedule of the day can be performed online for every class. First class by the teacher can be started with prayer. Even teachers can assign the students to tell ‘thought of the day’. Also, can tell any of the student to share his/her experience that what they had learned or can share drawings, poems or any of the creation that their creative mind can thought of.

Interactive Digital Quiz

Online quiz is actually a very good option for the class for maintaining the student’s interest. It is actually an honest and contestant medium for the students to learn. Quiz can be of 3 to 4 questions, whose answers are optional in chatting. Quiz can be interlinked with the class also as, ‘answer these three questions’ or based on the concept of any of the chapter. Either teacher can award them with best performer or can share the success of the students with their  parents.

Activity based learning

As students are there in homes, so they can participate in many of the activities, from which they can get a chance to learn. Power point presentation and quiz both are the good option for the students to avoid the boringness. Small students definitely would love to indulge in physical activities. Easy activities can be like – searching the real example of any shape, basic cooking without fire, using art and crafts to solve the puzzles etc. students will get a chance to do something creative and to boost their energy.

Online hobby classes

These days students can’t go outside for a break because of COVID-19 Pandemic. For this one can go for almost all type of online resources to develop their hobbies. Under this yoga, dance, music, cooking, kitchen garden etc can be taught online. These are not the compulsory activities, but keeping the student’s mind fresh one can use this tool also. Parents can also indulge along with the students, likewise they will get the time to spend together.

Physical activities during class

Yes, it is possible. Continuously watching the screen can affect student’s eyes. Teachers can also give a break for few minutes for eye exercise. It is quite easy and simple. During a simple class you can’t involve 30 to 40 students at a time for physical activity, but in online class you can go with this option too. Running very quickly to the nearby room, hug any of the family member and come back quickly, jumping for the 5 times etc., likewise many of the physical activities can be included.

(Writer is the Principal of Orchids, the international school, and these views are her personal.)

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