Prevent From Liver Damage

How can one prevent their liver from Damaging ?

Liver is the second largest organ of the human body after the skin.  It’s a special organ that performs multifold functions such as breaking down fats, converting nutrients from the food and controlling blood and sugar levels. Liver related deaths in India contribute to 18.3% of global 2 million liver related deaths .

Effect of alcohol consumption on the liver

Alcohol consumption is one of the causes behind the increasing rate of liver diseases. Every year 2.6 lakh Indians die due to liver cirrhosis, cancer or drunk driving. The risk of liver diseases also increases due to factors like injecting drugs into the body with needles. The long term consequences of drug consumption include not only premature aging but it can also cause the onset of diseases such as lung cancer and liver infections.

Effects of Alcohol Consumption On Liver

But where lies the solution to this problem of addiction. Liver diseases can be prevented with the following daily measures.

Prevention of liver diseases

Eating a healthy diet

Eating healthy will not only help you stay fit, it can also help in reducing the risk of liver injection.

Eating Healthy Diet

Maintaining a healthy weight

A buildup of fat in the liver can cause non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. This condition is usually found in people who are overweight .

Maintaing Healthy Weight

Avoiding alcohol consumption

The liver has the ability to develop new cells but prolonged alcohol consumption can lead to reduction of such cells as each time the liver filters the alcohol it loses some cells.

Avoid Alcohol Consumption

As the saying goes, when the student is ready the teacher arrives.

The spiritual master of Dera Sacha Sauda , Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan says that,” To get rid of one form of addition one must be introduced to something more powerful than addiction of alcohol or drugs”

The powerful force being mentioned above is the power of meditation. He says that Meditation can solve all of your problems as it can lead to an increase in one’s willpower which is essential for getting rid of addictions like drug or alcohol consumption.

The volunteers of Dera Sacha Sauda are known for their voluntary participation in the legal donation of organs for the ones in need. Earlier a Dera Sacha Sauda volunteer flew down from Italy to donate his kidney to save a life.

The donor Narendra Insan had earlier filed a pledge form to donate one of his kidneys while being alive and after fulfilling all the legal requirements. The family of kidney recipient KK Sharma expressed their gratitude to the donor and to revered Saint for inspiring people for saving lives.

Similar stories happen in the entire world when these volunteers decide to save their lives selflessly. The change happens when one is willing to change and meditation can also help in the process of getting rid of addictions.

-By Pooja

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