hot milk

Hot milk is far better then the Cold one ,Benefits of Hot Milk

Hot milk is light in digestion, absorb easily and nourishes the body.

Milk the ultimate bone’s nourishment elixir.

It is very much beneficial for health. It is no any mystery that milk is rich in almost every nutrients and minerals except Vitamin C. Having Luke warm milk before going to bed is just next to potion whereas drinking milk in the morning is bit heavy for digestion compared to, if consumed in night, benefits one with improved digestion.

Milk from various animals is blessed with beautiful qualities and sweet taste. Ayurveda – The ancestral science of life specified the qualities in their classical text of almost all the varieties of milk. They mention milk under various medicinal purpose too. Cow’s milk is said to be the best among all the varieties of milk present in the world as per classics of Ayurveda. As it is lighter and endowed with almost all the nutrients and minerals.

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Benefits of Hot Milk

Strengthen the Bones

Milk when heated up blesses the activation of certain enzymes helping in better absorption. Milk is the rich source of calcium ultimately strengthens the bone reducing the risk of osteopenia, osteoporosis and fractures.

Stronger Teeth

Again, the rich calcium in milk is beautiful nourisher for the teeth too. Helping in better growth and strength, reducing the defects in it.

Sound Sleep

Tryptophan present in the milk helps in getting the quality sleep. One if drinking milk before bed helps in getting the good sleep.

Maintaining the Blood Sugar

Drinking milk in the night helps in maintaining sugar too. It helps in preventing the type 1 diabetes.

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