High court’s Strict Comment to Private Schools in Haryana Regarding the collection of fees from Students

The Corona Effect / High Court said that Schools will not be able to Run if They do not get the fees for three Months, Schools that give such Arguments must be Closed

Like Punjab, petition was filed for permission to collect 70 percent fee.

Chandigarh (Lalit Kumar) On Monday, a hearing was held in the Punjab and Haryana High Court on a petition related to the fees of private schools in Haryana.

On this, the High Court made a strong comment that if there is really a problem in running the school due to not getting the fee for three months, then such schools should be closed.

On the demand of parents not to listen to the schools, the court said that those who will be most affected by this decision should not be heard. The court has fixed the matter for next hearing on 7 September. On behalf of the schools, it was said that in the case of private schools in Punjab, the High Court had given an interim order to collect 70% fees.

Similar, Orders should also be given for schools in Haryana. The High Court said that the guardians are the affected parties.

No interim instructions can be given without hearing them.

On behalf of Brijpal Singh Parmar, state president of the self-help organization Health Education Cooperation Organization, it was said that children should be given an opportunity to present their side.

Every private school has to submit the audit balance sheet every year to the Directorate of Education. On the complaint from the organization about this, the education department had asked the schools to submit a report by 31 December but the schools did not give this information.

Petition has been filed by the institution of 87 private schools

A petition was filed on behalf of Sarva Vidyalaya Sangh, an organization of about 87 private schools in Haryana, asking that the separate instructions issued by the Education Department be rejected from April 12 to May 8.

On the basis of these, the DC of Hisar wrote a letter on 14 May asking them not to collect the increased fees and other fund students as per Haryana Education Rules, 2003.

The petition said that guidelines regarding fees cannot be issued to private schools. If the schools do not charge fees, they will get caught in the financial crisis.

Since April, students are not paying fees. In such a situation, it is becoming difficult to deduct school expenses.

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