Happy Holi 2020 : Play Safe Holi in Threat of Corona virus

This year, the threat of coronavirus is seen on Holi. In such a situation, some people have decided not to celebrate Holi. At the same time, some people are still in confusion about playing Holi. If you also do not want to allow the fun of Holi to be presented as coronavirus. Let us know how to be safe amidst the danger of coronavirus

Keep in Mind These Things While Playing Holi Amidst the Threat of Corona virus

  • Use natural colors first. Stay away from any kind of chemical dyes.
  • Keep children away from water Holi.
  • You can also play dry Holi with flowers instead of Gulal.
  • Actually, coronavirus is a heavy virus, which is unable to travel very far. It is able to travel only in weight parties. In such a situation, if you opt for dry Holi, then it can be safe.
  • It is difficult to monitor your symptoms on the occasion of Holi, because during this time it is difficult to understand why you are getting water from your nose or eyes. It may be a symptom of the flu, but ignore thinking that it is due to color or water.
  • Go low to a crowded place. Play Holi with each other at your home.
  • If people from outside are coming to play Holi with you, then give them to use sanitizer.
  • This may sound strange, but given the danger of corona virus, you should play safe Holi with a mask.
  • You do not necessarily soak each other in full color. You can also celebrate the festival of Holi by applying tilak on the forehead.
  • Instead of bringing sweets made from outside or market, prepare sweets at home.

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