Twitter after recent incident

Government sent notice to Twitter after recent incident of dent in profile of global celebrities

The Government has sought details of corrective action taken by Twitter to reduce the impact of hacking incident.

Twitter after recent incident

Indian Government tightens after accounts of Global Celebrities hacked, notice sent to Twitter

India’s cybersecurity agency CERT-In has issued a notice to Twitter after the recent incident of burglary (hacking). A source related to the case told PTI-language that CERT-In has asked Twitter to give complete information . Number of Indian users affected by this incident of burglary.

Twitter has informed the affected users about the breach and unauthorized use of their profiles.

The source said that CERT-In has asked Twitter .

  • How many Indian users have visited the malicious tweets and links?
  • How people have affected by it?

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To reduce the impact of hacking incident, The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) took action after reports of a breach in the Twitter system to hack the accounts of several global businessmen, politicians, celebrities and businesses.

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