166th birthday of Hans Christian Gram

Today Google celebrate 166th birthday of Hans Christian Gram . Hans Christian Joachim Gram was a Danish bacteriologist noted for his development of the Gram stain.

Born13 September 1853, Copenhagen, Denmark

Died14 November 1938, Copenhagen, Denmark


EducationCopenhagen University


Academic advisorJapetus Steenstrup


Gram was a professor .Gram studied at the University of Copenhagen and was an assistant in botany to the zoologist Japetus Steenstrup. His study of plants introduced him to the fundamentals of pharmacology and the use of the microscope.

Gram entered medical school in 1878 and graduated in 1883. He traveled throughout Europe between 1878 and 1885. In Berlin, in 1884, he developed a method for distinguishing between two major classes of bacteria.[1] This technique, the Gram stain, continues to be a standard procedure in medical microbiology.

What is Gram stain

Gram stain is perhaps one among the foremost normally used staining procedures used in the sphere of biology. it’s one among the differential stains that square measure wont to characterize

Gram positive bacterium can generally have a stronger affinity for crystal violet on applying gram’s iodine than the gram negative cell membrane.

Being a mordant, gram’s iodine forms a fancy with anthelmintic within the stain that has hooked up additional tightly to the cell membrane of gram positive bacterium than that of the gram negative bacterium.

Whereas the gram positive bacterium stain violet as a results of the presence of a thick peptidoglycan layer within the walls of their cell, the gram negative bacterium stain red, because of the agent peptidoglycan layer in their cell membrane (a thicker peptidoglycan layer permits for the retention of the stain, however a agent layer will not. Gram’s initial work concerned the study of red blood cells in men. He was among the first to recognize that macrocytes were characteristic of pernicious anemia

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