Give Proper Direction by Understanding Your Child’s Talent

Children are like raw clay, they mold into a mold in the same way as they are shielded. But this is just not true. Every child has different kinds of intelligence. The mere fact that a child is good in studies is not proof of his being intelligent. There can be many types of intelligence in children, such as some children are active in other activities such as puzzles, drawing, singing, and language commands, etc. except in studies. All they need is one right direction.

Logical: Mathematical Intelligence

Hidden logical-mathematical intelligence inside children shows that their thinking ability is higher in a logical manner. If your child has such ability, then to increase his intelligence, give him small questions of reasoning, maths, etc. at home. After this, give him questions about small budget planning and cooperate in the same way.

Symptoms: Such children prefer to play games with puzzles, teasers, and logic. Do not give up until you find the answer to a puzzle or question. Such children also try to see how that task can be done in different ways. Apart from this, such children also remember the train number and mobile number very quickly.

Verbal: Linguistics Intelligence

A child with verbal linguistics intelligence has a greater ability to learn different languages. Such children always learn the language or difficult words of others very quickly and try to speak. Such children can also make a career in language command. In order to increase children’s talent, give them small topics, and ask them to write a story on it. Also, give them your favorite book to read. Parents often feel that children should read books of their own syllabus. Other books are a waste of time, but this assumption is wrong. Just give the child books according to his age.

Symptoms: Children with verbal-linguistic intelligence learn poetry early at an early age and also pronounce it correctly. Apart from this, children are more interested in writing and reading books. Such children create many short stories on their own, as well as quickly catch mistakes in spoken language and pronunciation.

Visual: Special Intelligence

Visual intelligence in children reflects their creativity. Many children are masters in art, so they show more interest in drawing than other subjects. But parents feel that they have no future in this, so they put more emphasis on other subjects English and Maths. If your child is interested in art and visual specials then he can also make his future as an analytics specialist, artist, designer, interior decorator.

Symptoms: Children with such intelligence can better design diagrams, charts, graphs, and maps, etc. of difficult subjects like Geometry and Physics. Apart from this, any directions are quickly missed. It can also put one’s face and your imagination i.e. imagination on paper.

Musical Intelligence

Many children have a great interest in music. Children with musical intelligence will get to see and hear the rhythm in their voice and speech. Children who are fond of music should be admitted to music class as activities. It is possible that the golden future of the child is hidden in it. The child can also take part in many reality shows and can also become a good singer and music instrument expert.

Symptoms: Children of such ability capture them very early in their early age as soon as they hear the song, as well as try to sing songs and poetry with the right tone. Sometimes things also speak in the tone of the song. Which we ignore as a joke or a prank. Musical instruments like to run the attention of children also towards musical instruments.

Musical Intelligence

Many children show more interest in nature, animals, and the environment. Such children with naturalistic intelligence are more affected by nature. They can make a career in climbing, hiking, gardening, nature walk, camping, and furthermore as an environment expert and scientist.

Symptoms: Such children are always aware to answer the questions related to nature. Apart from this, in the drawing of these children, you will see designs related to nature. Apart from this, they have a special interest in walking, especially in mountainous places.

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