Fennel Seeds: Surprising Health Benefits Of Fennel Seeds

Fennel is generally used throughout the country. Somewhere as a spice, somewhere as a mouth freshener. So somewhere as Ayurvedic Medicines.

Special things

  • Fennel place very important in Indian lifestyle
  • Aniseed is used every day
  • Used in mouth freshener to medicine

New Delhi: Fennel is generally used throughout the country. Somewhere as a spice, sometimes as a Mouth Freshener, and sometimes as a home medicine (Ayurvedic Medicines) because fennel has many such properties, which are very beneficial for the body.

Fennel one used many

Fennel is used in many ways in common life. Used as a mouth freshener all over the country. This mouth does not only work as a freshener but also relaxes your stomach and helps in digesting food.

Skin glow with fennel

The use of fennel brightens the skin. The blood flow is pure and devoid of the disorder. You must have heard about all blood purification tonics like Saafi. Saafi ta is the original compound fennel only.

Fennel steam increase eyesight

Eating aniseed also improves eyesight. If you want, you can also take it with sugar candy. The steam of fennel also helps in increasing the light of the eyes.

Aniseed removes foul odor

If you have a bad smell from your mouth, chew half a teaspoon aniseed three to four times a day regularly. Doing this will stop the bad odor from the mouth.

Benefit from fennel during irregular menstruation

If menstruation is irregular, you can consume fennel. Consuming it with jaggery will benefit. All problems coming in the blood flow due to the consumption of fennel cry.

Many more benefits

Aniseed is a diagnosis of many problems in itself. Drinking fennel tea provides relief in indigestion, so drinking fennel tea also cures cough. Not only this, but fennel also reduces the risk of a heart attack. And the use of fennel daily also leads to good sleep. Not only this, but fennel is also used in many Ayurvedic, Unani system of medicines. Along with this, the extract of handing is also getting available in the market.

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