Knee pain

Explained, What’s is the Causes behind Knee Pain (Knee Osteoarthritis) and Prevention

Day today’s busy lifestyle makes people not follow proper sadvrutta (Lifestyle Regimen). Reduction in normal working capacities of individuals and sedentary lifestyle has given birth to a number of disorders. Along with this an increase in environmental stress due to rapid industrialization all around the globe added to the chaos, thus leading to a wide variety of ailments like Knee Pain (Knee Osteoarthritis). And knee pain is the commonest ailment in the population.

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Picture is showing the difference between the normal joint and a joint that is severely affected with the osteoarthritis. Pain in knee joint is because of extra side growth and degeneration in the nearby cartilages.

Basically, knee pain clinically expresses itself with signs and symptoms like pain, swelling, crepitus, stiffness, and difficulty in movements. This disease affecting both males & females shows a strong association with aging and is a major cause of pain and disability in the elderly. This disease is often compared to the degenerative disorder affecting joints and having worldwide incidence in plenty i.e., Osteoarthritis. Besides destroying joints this disease makes a person crippled and dependent to attend his normal duties.What to do for Prevention –

          There is a famous proverb that prevention is always better then cure. Well pain in knee joint can also be prevented. Just need to avoid the cause.

  • It is believed that weight loss of only 5 kg was found to be associated with a 50 % reduction in the odds of developing knee pain.
  • So, eat healthy, that which is fat free, rich in fibers and help in reducing the weight.
  • It is believed that doing cycling daily for a period of 15 minutes to 30 minutes gives the strength to the supported cartilages and other soft tissues around the knee.
  • Do not lift the heavy weight on daily basis.
  • Massage the knee joint with Ghee/Oil daily for 15 minutes, it will nourish the synovial fluid inside the helps in maintaining the gap, prevents the friction of bones with each other.
  • Add Yoga to your daily life schedule.
  • Generate the habit of using sole for running and walking instead of heel. It will create the suspension and will reduce the direct pressure on knee and ankle.

Note – One must and should consult your health advisor/physician for any of the medication/suggestions.

By:- Dr Munish Kumar Insan BAMS MD (Ayurveda)

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