benefits of Ghee

Ever used Ghee as a Hair Oil? No! then know the Benefits of Ghee.

The Fact Eye | It is a myth around the people that having ghee can boost up weight, but the truth is pure Desi Ghee benefits one in many ways. It improves digestion, helps in maintaining the sugar level in the blood, helps in insomnia, helps in reducing belly fat, and helps in improving eyesight. For many decades because of its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, it is used for medicinal purposes in Ayurveda. 

Benefits of ghee for hairs

As per one of the website Desi Ghee along with keeping the body healthy nourishes the hairs and scalp make them taller and shiner. Know more –

  1. Makes the hair soft – Massaging ghee to your scalp and hair makes the hair softer and shinier. Ghee prepared from cow’s milk has an abundant amount of anti-oxidants compound, which actually nourishes the hairs in such a way that, it actually guards the Keratin covering of the hairs and deeply nourishes the roots so that hairs should not shed off or get tangled up. Also, Vitamin ‘A’ &’ E’ present in the ghee acts as a conditioner. 
  2. Improves the density – As Desi Ghee is having an abundant number of Proteins & Vitamins, also as explained earlier it protects the keratin covering of the hairs; so, it improves i.e., helps in the regrowth of the hairs. Ayurveda explains that ghee is superior among all the oils in the world, which is having the capability of catalyzing up the properties of ingredients as well as nourishing the target. So, it helps in nourishing as well as protecting hence, improving the density. 

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Right way of massaging your scalp

Ghee can be used as Hair Mask also. For this let the ghee get warm for 15 to 30 seconds over the stove and massage with that to your scalp and hairs, especially for split ends. And this massaged ghee should be kept for 3 hours and thereafter can be washed with your regular shampoos.  NOTE – One must take advice for any treatment and suggestions from your health advisor

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