election during Corona

EC seeks Suggestion from political parties over election campaign during Corona

• Political parties of Bihar had written a letter to the Commission expressing concern over the situation in Corona(election during Corona)
• According to government guidelines, mask on a public place, social distancing is necessary

Coronavirus will also have an impact on the elections in the country. The Election Commission seeks suggestions from national and regional parties as to what should be the mode of election campaigning and public meetings for election during Corona.

election during Corona

All parties can send suggestions for election during Corona by 31 July.

The Commission said that the Central and State Governments have issued guidelines under the Disaster Management Act-2005 to prevent corona infection. For example, putting a mask on a public place, keeping social distancing. Thermal scanning and sanitization is also necessary in public places. How the election during Corona ‘s situation?

9 parties of Bihar opposed the proposal for virtual campaigning

9 parties of the state had written a letter to the Election Commission expressing concern over the condition of Corona infection. There are 7.5 crore voters among the 13 crore people of Bihar, who have to cover two yards. In such a situation, the commission should assure people of Bihar that the election process will not because of Corona.

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The letter also said that only 34% of people in Bihar have smart phones. In such a situation, there is no point of virtual election campaign. Also asked whether free and fair elections are possible through this? delegation wrote letters to the EC included leaders of Congress, CPM, CPI, CPI (ML), RLSP, VIP, Hum (Se) , LJD , RJD.

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