Do Rabbits Sleep With Their Eyes Open?

The largest European rabbit is reared worldwide. A 2 kg rabbit can drink water equivalent to a 9 kg dog. There are about 305 species of domesticated rabbits on earth and about 13 species of wild rabbits. Before 1912, rabbits were classified as rodents i.e. rats, squirrels etc. The rabbit sweats all over his body only through the bottom of his feet. The rabbit has 28 teeth in its jaw and the interesting thing is that their teeth grow throughout their life which is 1 cm every month. Go up. The age of the wild rabbit is about 1-2 years and that of the domestic rabbit is 8-10 years.

However, a rabbit lived for 18 years in Australia, which is a world record. The pregnancy period of the rabbit is about 30–32 days. Female rabbits give at least four times a year and on average 3-7 babies at a time. At birth rabbit babies are born without hair and their eyes do not open until they are about 2 weeks old and they stop drinking their mother’s milk after about 8 weeks.

The rabbit spends about 6-8 hours eating and chews food about 120 times a minute. The rabbit can see approximately 360 degrees, but there is a blind spot just below his nose. Therefore, the food that the rabbit eats is not visible, but he only sniffs and finds out. They are vegetarian. They eat grass, carrots, fruits, grains … etc. Rabbits also cannot vomit like a horse. The rabbit can also move one ear at a time and it also bends its outer ear to avoid the cold. This is why the rabbit can hear better in summer rather than cold. The rabbit takes 18 naps in 1 day and sleeps for a total of 8 hours and it can sleep with its eyes open.

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