Discussion, Criticism, and Rebellion in Politics

Senior Congress politics leader and famous lawyer Kapil Sibal has questioned the working style of his party after the Bihar elections. Sibal’s sharp answer has given by Adhir Ranjan, leader of the party’s Lok Sabha. Ranjan has said that Sibal should form a separate party. Earlier too 23 leaders wrote letters to improve the party, which also disputed. Sibal says that there is no platform to talk inside the party, which is why he is making a statement in the media.

Actually, there is a lack of brainstorming from the national parties to the regional parties, which has also caused heavy losses to the parties. Many regional parties that have run the government could not even get the status of opposition. Due to two consecutive defeats in the Lok Sabha elections of the Congress. Many leaders including Sibal have started discussing the weaknesses of the party, his argument is present as a rebellion.

Internal Democracy in Politics Parties is also Necessary

Due to the different opinions of team members, members came out from the India Congress party. Then forming a government in the state by forming their own party. Mamata Banerjee broke away from the Congress to form the Trinamool Congress Party. Today her party is running the government in Bengal. Similarly in Haryana, Haryana Janhit Congress also managed to win many seats in the Vidhan Sabha elections.

Four Bansi Lal broke away from the Congress to form the Haryana Vikas Party and gained power in the state. In Andhra Pradesh, Jaganmohan Reddy runs away from the Congress and runs the state government.

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Not Every Thought can be Ignored as a Protest

The Congress Party has to create a culture of understanding and accepting weaknesses along with giving a platform within the party to put the views of its leaders and workers. Some leaders make a rebellion to the party discussing the weaknesses of the party in Khushmad’s affair, which causes difficulties for the party. It is necessary to accept logic and create dialogue. The Congress has ruled the country for more than half a century due to its traditions and culture. In view of the current state of the party, the party will have to make a signature of better working internally and externally.

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