Deo Tibba Climbing Expedition

Three months of rigorous practice at home under lockdown
(Varun Mehta Climber)

Tell the truth / Indreshw Bhiwani. Climber Varun Mehta has set a new record by climbing the 6001-meter high Devitibba mountain in Himachal’s Pirpanjal mountain range. The name of the country has illuminated all over the world. Now, going one step further, Varun climbs the 6001-meter high Deotibba mountain of Pir Panjal mountain range of Himachal at 9.26 am on 21 September. On reaching Bhiwani on Monday, Varun was given a grand welcome and expressed his pride in this achievement.

If the government helps them financially, they will continue to brighten the name of the country with similar efforts: Varun

On this occasion climber Varun Mehta said that when the whole country was fighting the corona epidemic, even during lockdown time, he practices continuously for three months at home without the gym, without the park, so that he could name the country on the whole world table. To shine. He said that even before that, he had climbed Africa’s largest mountain Kilimanjaro last year. At the same time, Varun demanded that if the government helps him financially, he will continue to brighten the name of the country with similar efforts.

They will climb Elbrus, Europe’s highest mountain next year.
• Varun has also quit his job as a pharmacist.
• The team’s special support was behind this success.
• In which team leader Dinesh Thakur and other team members Vishal, Janaki, Ravi, and Suresh also had special support.

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