Delhi plans to Impose lockdown in potential Covid-19 hotspot markets

The government has sent a proposal to the Central Government. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal (CM Arvind Kejriwal) held a press conference regarding this.

New Delhi: In view of the increasing cases of Coronavirus in Delhi, the Delhi Government has sent a proposal to the Central Government. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal (CM Arvind Kejriwal) had a press conference about it and said that we have sent a proposal for a small level lockdown to the central government. This will be a partial lockdown.

Along with this, CM Kejriwal also talked about closing the markets where corona cases have come up. The number of people attending the wedding ceremony in Delhi has also been reduced. Now only 50 people can attend the wedding ceremony. CM Kejriwal said that markets will be closed if the crowd increases or if the Kovid protocol is not followed.

Only 50 people will be able to attend weddings

Kejriwal said that some important decisions have been taken in view of the situation in Corona. Sometime back when the corona cases had reduced in Delhi, the corona situation had improved, the Delhi government had approved the participation of 50 to 200 people in weddings in view of the guidelines of the Center. But now this order is being withdrawn. Now it is being reduced from 200 to 50 again.

CM Kejriwal said that this proposal has been sent to LG Sahab for approval. Hopefully, their approval will come soon

The Chief Minister said that during Diwali, people did not follow the Covid protocol in some markets due to which the corona spread rapidly. We have sent a proposal to the Central Government about this, that if matters go up and any market can become a local corona hotspot, then it should be closed.

Why did Corona cases increase in Delhi?

  • Negligence in shopping
  • -Huge crowd in the market at the festival
  • -More testing
  • Many big wholesale markets of the country
  • Now tell you important things on Corona in Delhi-
  • New cases increased very rapidly in the last 10 days
  • Over 8000 cases a day
  • Increased cases of pollution, excessive testing, negligence
  • Home Minister Amit Shah met, many decisions were taken Earlier,

The Health Minister said, ‘No lockdown required’

Earlier, Health Minister Satyendra Jain had said that the peak of the third wave has been over, so there is no need for a lockdown. Delhi’s Health Minister said that we have tested 29% of the people of Delhi. Cases are not increasing due to home isolation. There are 16500 beds in Delhi for Corona. There is a problem with beds in private hospitals because all are going to private hospitals.

Satyendra Jain said that now the peak of the wave is over. But the wave is not over.
He told that within the last week the positivity rate has come down from 15% to 13%. It is definitely the third wave but the peak is gone now. The death rate in Delhi is 1.58% which is close to the national average mortality rate of 1.48%.
Let us know that the number of coronavirus infections is increasing rapidly in Delhi. On Monday, 3797 people have been infected with the Coronavirus in 24 hours and 99 people have died. However, 3,560 people have recovered at the same time.

So far, 4,89,202 people have been infected with Coronavirus in Delhi, and out of these, 4,41,361 have been cured. So far 7,713 people have died and currently, 40,128 people are undergoing treatment.
More than 8 thousand new cases in Delhi on Wednesday last week
He said that the infection cannot be controlled through a lockdown and people should protect themselves by wearing masks. Coronavirus cases have increased significantly in Delhi since October 28, when more than five thousand new cases were reported for the first time.
Last week, on Wednesday, more than eight thousand new cases were reported in Delhi. At the same time, for the first time in the last five months, 104 people died on Thursday.

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