Delhi Orange Alert: Monsoon rains in Delhi, Know what is the Meaning of Orange Alert

There is a heavy rain in Delhi.

Monsoon to arrive in Delhi, heavy rains are expected

Delhi’s mercury to fall due to monsoon rains, weather will be pleasant.

IMD launches impact based forecast system, will inform rain

The next few days of the people living in the capital are going to be pleasant in terms of weather. On Wednesday, there was good rainfall in many areas of Delhi. It is the sound of monsoon. After that the period of rain will start. According to media reports, the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued an ‘Orange alert for Delhi’ for Delhi which means there is a possibility of heavy rains here. According to IMD, Delhi may get more rain this time than usual. This will also have an effect on Delhi temperature. The mercury, which was above 40 degrees Celsius till three-four days ago, now falls between 35-37 degrees.

What does orange alert mean?

The Meteorological Department issues color-coded alerts according to the forecast of rain. ‘Red’ alert means the possibility of very heavy rainfall (more than 204 mm).

‘Orange’ alert means authorities have to be alert for any emergency. This alert also means that heavy to very heavy rainfall is expected. According to the Meteorological Department, rainfall from 15.6mm to 64.4mm is considered ‘Moderate’. 65.5mm to 115.5mm of rain is classified as ‘heavy’ and 115.6mm to 204.4mm of rain is classified as ‘very heavy’. Extremely heavy rainfall is considered to be more than 204.5mm at rainfall.

What is the status of rain at the moment ?

According to the IMD, light rains are forecast between June 23 and June 26 with strong winds (30 to 40 kilometers per hour). On June 25, heavy rains may occur at some places. The Meteorological Department says that during this time there may be traffic disturbances on the roads, which will increase the risk of accident. There is also a possibility of water filling in low-lying areas. IMD has instructed people to check the traffic congestion before exiting. It is advised to avoid visiting areas where waterlogging occurs.

New system launch for monsoon

IMD has launched a new Impact Based Forecast System for Delhi. This will give information about the rain, according to which the people of Delhi can make an exit schedule. This system is based on color coding.

It has rain splits in four colors.

  1. Green color means no risk.
  2. yellow color means very little rain risk.
  3. Orange would mean a little caution.
  4. Red color alert means that it is good to avoid exiting.