COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update – 46,951 new Cases whereas More than 200 Died

New Delhi | The Fact Eye | Hiking in the number of OVID-19 cases in the country there are approx. 47000 new cases and 275 deaths in last 24 hours. In last 24 hours there were 47,262 new cases which were 46,951 on Monday, 43,846 on Sunday, 40,953 on Saturday and 39,726 on last Friday. During this total 275 deaths were recorded. Which was 212 on Monday,197 on Sunday, 188 on Saturday and 154 were on Friday. And till today 4.72 cores people got

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Union Minister Parkash Javadekar in a press conference said that over 45 years of age now everyone will get vaccinated after April 1st. They urged all eligible people to register immediately and vaccinated. The minister said that India has till now vaccinated over 4.80 crore peoples. In February daily average was 3.50 lakh/day, but in March it got raised to 15 lakhs per day (the people who got vaccinated). The minister said that central ministry daily recording the spike in COVID-19 Cases in the different parts of the country. The centre was in touch with the state where the cases are rising up.

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