Covid-19 killed more than 2.30 lakh people in the US so far

Washington l More than 2.30 million people have died due to its infection in the US, which is severely battling the global pandemic Coronavirus (COVID-19). The epidemic has taken a severe form in the US and more than 9 million people have been infected so far. According to the latest data released by the Center for Science and Engineering (CSSE) of America’s John Hopkins University, the death toll from Corona in the US has reached 2,30,320 while the number of infected has crossed 91 million to 91,11,013. Has gone.

America’s New York, New Jersey, and California provinces are the worst effect by Corona. In New York alone, there have been 33,511 deaths due to corona infection. So far 16,350 people have died due to the epidemic in New Jersey. In California, 17,656 people have died since the Kovid-19, Or In Texas, 18,464 people have lost their lives so far, whereas, in Florida, Kovid-19 has lost 16,761 lives. In addition, in Massachusetts and Illinois, about 10 thousand people, while in Pennsylvania, more than eight thousand people have died from Corona.

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