Covid-19 in Obesity – Kill It Before It Kills You

As per a new global report, 2.2 out of 2.5 million deaths are from that country in COVID-19, where obesity is the main health challenge.

The Fact Eye | New Delhi | As per one global study it is assumed that death rates are 10 times more because of COVID-19 in those countries where obesity is the main health challenge.  As per one report, more than 50% of the youngsters are overweight in these countries. In this report, they have shared the relation between COVID-19 disease and obesity. Also, they found that people who died in these countries because of COVID-19 were overweight.

The study shows the relation between the data of deaths due to COVID-19 from Johns Hopkins University and of Obesity by Global Health Observatories of WHO. The author said that there is no such data present where death due to COVID-19 is more and obesity is negligible. Also, Co-Author Mr. Tim Lobstin (expert in world obesity federation) told that” if looking towards Japan and South Korea, their deaths due to COVID-19 and obesity among the population is very minimal. These are the countries that are very much concerned about public health, which includes obesity as well as many health-related issues. This is the reason why the mortality was very low in these countries.”

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Countries with higher rate of obesity are higher in the mortality due to COVID-19.

Covid- 19 in Obesity – Kill It Before It Kills You

Also, in the study, it is found that, countries like America and Britain, where the mortality due to COVID-19 as well as obesity ratio, is higher. According to WHO, in Britain which is in 3rd number in mortality due to Corona Virus, is 184 among one lakh and 63.7% youngsters are overweight, whereas in America, 152 died out of one lakh and here 67.9% are overweight.

Obesity must be considered as the main cause.

John Wilding, Professor of Medicine at the University of Liverpool, Britain said that” it is very much necessary to include obesity as the main fatal cause. Likewise Diabetes and heart diseases; one must think this obesity on the primary concern.

Note: One must & should take the advice of health experts for the implementation of any suggestions or drugs.

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