COVAXIN trial in AIIMS, first dose given to a 30-year-old male

The first dose of vaccine in AIIMS has been given to a healthy 30-year-old male. After its initial investigation and testing, this man was selected for trial.

  • AIIMS will be tested on 100 volunteers
  • Initially, 50 people will be given vaccine supplements

Trial of Corona vaccine COVAXIN has started at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi. The first dose of the vaccine was given to a 30-year-old male. This vaccine has been prepared by Bharat Biotech Company.

The human trial of Corona’s indigenous vaccine COVAXIN has begun in AIIMS

In the first phase, 375 volunteers will be given this vaccine. This vaccine is to be tested on 100 volunteers in AIIMS, Delhi, the first 50 of which will be vaccinated.

It is being told that after giving the vaccine, the person will be kept under observation for two hours. After this he will be sent home. However, at home, the volunteer will be closely monitored for seven days.

Let me tell you that 100 volunteers have been selected for the trial of vaccine in AIIMS. Of these, the first 50 volunteers will be given the vaccine dose. If the results are encouraging, then the report will be sent to the data monitoring committee. If everything goes well, the remaining people will be given vaccine.

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