Country who is Building a New ‘London’ Every Year

China is the largest country in the world in terms of population. In the field of economic progress too, he has got his iron honor in the world. Buildings in the same proportion are also needed for the large population to live and run economic activities smoothly. China is working extensively in this area.

Experts Say That in The Coming Decade, Half of The Buildings Around The World will be Built, Only in China

China already has two billion square meters of floor space ready every year. If these buildings are one storey, then their total area will be equal to the area of ​​the whole of London. This is a huge figure in terms of carbon emissions.
Along with increasing economic activity, China has also increased the building construction. Along with this, the use of energy in these buildings also increased, which created a challenge for the environment.

Between 2001 and 2016, China’s construction sector has consumed energy equivalent to one billion tons of coal. The energy used from raw material supply to building construction is about one-fifth of China’s total carbon emissions. On such a wide scale, carbon emissions are a bell for both humans and the environment. The people of China have also felt this danger, and have also paid its price. That is why work is being done on such new ways of building buildings so that carbon emissions can be reduced. For this, the most efficient way so far is to cover the buildings with plants.

The Experiment was First in Italy

Such an experiment was first practiced by an Italian architect, Stefano Bori, in the city of Milan, Italy. And now Bori’s team is going to do the same experiment in China. Work is underway to build two such green towers in Nanjing city of China, which will be completely covered with greenery. These towers were to be completed by the end of 2020. However, due to the epidemic, work will not be completed on time. 2500 kinds of shrubs, more than one thousand trees and other plants will be planted in the enlarged part of the building. Currently, 600 types of local trees are being prepared in the nursery for planting on the front walls of the building. By the time they are planted in the building, their length will be from 6 to 9 meters.

Before planting these trees, their capacity will be tested and they will be passed through wind tunnel. Accordingly, trees will be planted on different floors of the building. Policies have been implemented in many provinces of China making greenery an essential part of tall buildings. For example, Sky Garden Balconies have been made in Zhejiang Province. But they are exempted from the total area of ​​the plot. That is, when the area of ​​the plot is measured, then this green balcony is not included in it. This is a kind of bonus.

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