Coronil Controversy: Petition against Baba Ramdev was “misleading”

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Jun 27, 2020,

Corona drug discovery case

Chandigarh A petition has been filed in the Chandigarh district court against Baba Ramdev in the case of making Corona drugs.

Ayush Ministry sought all information on its trial and put a ban on advertising it as a drug to cure coronavirus after the launch of the drug Coronil by yoga guru Ramdev on Tuesday.

Advocate Bikramjit Singh Brar said in the petition that Ramdev had prepared the medicine without taking approval from the government and the concerned medical authority. Ramdev has not only misleading people but has also tried to play with public health.

Therefore legal action should be taken against Ramdev. Presently, medical experts from all over the world are engaged in making the Corona vaccine.

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