Coronavirus: Second death within 7 days in a family

Second death by Coronavirus within 7 days in a family in Fatehabad, retired serviceman diesThe Health Department team rushed to the funeral of 62-year-old Sevadar who died from Corona.

  • Serviceman’s younger brother died a week ago
  • 5 members of the deceased serviceman’s family are also positive

A 62-year-old retired serviceman died of a Coronavirus in Fatehabad. This is the second death in the family within a week. Earlier, the deceased’s younger brother died a week ago from Corona. Five people from the family of the deceased are infected. He is also being treated.

The Health Department team take 62-year-old for the funeral who died from Corona

The 62-year-old resident of Fatehabad’s Ashok Nagar had retired from the government school as a serviceman. His health deteriorated on Friday, he had trouble breathing. He referred to Agroha Medical College at night after the condition deteriorated. He died there. His corona test is positive. The deceased cremated in the afternoon.

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The deceased serviceman’s wife, his elder, and younger son, two grandchildren are also Corona positive. All have admitted to Agrawal Dharamshala Covid-19 Center.

The younger brother died seven days ago

On 10 July, Ashok Nagar resident and a peon working in the government school also died from Corona. Also, he treated in four private hospitals in the city before his death. 35 people have infected, including the doctor, they came in contact with. All the people in his family are positive.

Relatives shocked by the death of two brothers within seven days,. At the same time, the Health Department has warned that a survey will be conducted in the entire Ashok Nagar. Whoever looked ill get him admits to the hospital.

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