Coronavirus Latest Updates: WHO big warning, Then fast growing infection; This time will be worse

The WHO has warned that if the measures to prevent infection are not accelerated, the global death due to coronavirus may double.

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  • Death toll may cross 20 lakh
  • 1 million people have died after corona
  • WHO expressed the need for large-scale joint efforts

New Delhi: The World Health Organization has expressed concern after over seven million (70 lakh) cases of Coronavirus were reported in the United States on Friday. The WHO has warned that the corona virus infection is on the rise again. If the measures to prevent infection are not accelerated, the global death due to coronavirus may double.

2 million people may die

WHO emergency director WHO Michael Ryan said, “There is already a terrible number of deaths of one million (million) people after the corona virus has come and we have to pay attention to control it.” There is a need, before we reach two million (20 lakh) ‘. He raised the question whether we are ready to collectively try to avoid that ‘number’ (two million)?

The largest single day figure in the UK so far

According to the COVID-19 live tracker at Johns Hopkins University, the US Coronavirus has crossed the seven million mark on Friday. There are now 7,005,746 cases of corona virus in the United States of America, the highest in the world. So far 203,240 people have died due to Corona virus in America.

The Boris Johnson government announced new restrictions to deal with the growing cases of corona on Tuesday, followed by one day of 6,874 new coronavirus cases in the UK on Friday, the longest since the onset of the epidemic. Is the largest daily increase of.

Mayor of London also expressed concern

On the other hand, the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan said that the capital of England. Coronavirus, is in a worrisome state with a growth rate of four to nine percent.

Recently, Britain imposed new restrictions

The UK government recently imposed new restrictions to protect against Corona, including a curfew for pubs, bars and restaurants in large parts of northern and central England by 10:00 pm. The UK is the most affected country in Europe with around 52,000 deaths.

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