Coronavirus develops Immunity for five months after infection: study

A study by an Indian-origin researcher in the US has revealed that once infected with the coronavirus, the body develops immunity to Kovid-19 for at least five months.
Researchers at the University of Arizona studied endobodies in samples from about six thousand people infected with the coronavirus. “We clearly saw high-quality antibodies that were still occurring five to seven months after infection,” said Deepta Bhattacharya, associate professor at the university.

Researchers point out that when the virus first infects the cells, the immune system deploys a few long-lived plasma cells to fight the virus, which produces antibodies. He told that these antibodies is detected in blood tests up to 14 days after infection.
Researchers said that the second phase of the immune system response produces long-lived plasma cells that produce high-quality antibodies that will sustain long-term immunity.

Bhattacharya and his colleagues studied antibody levels in people infected with the coronavirus for several months. Researchers found abundant coronavirus antibodies in blood tests for five to seven months. They believe that resistance can last longer than this.

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