Corona Study: – This Form of the Corona is 10 Times More Dangerous Than Other Covid-19.

A mutation strain of Covid-19 has been reported to be up to 10 times more dangerous than other coronaviruses.

This has been claimed in a study done by the Scripps Research Institute of America. Let us know that so far more than 77.6 lakh people have been infected with the coronavirus. Which is too much.

According to a report published in the Daily Mail, a study by the Scripps Research Institute has indicated that in the US, Britain and Italy, there have been mutations of corona virus that are up to 10 times more infectious than the corona virus found in Wuhan.

Scientists say that this mutation strain of the corona rapidly attacks the receptors of the body. This version of the corona virus (SARS-CoV-2) is named D614G. This strain contains 4 to five times more ‘spikes protein’ than other viruses. According to the study, not only the D614G version of the corona virus is 10 times more infectious. Rather it is also more stable.

Let us tell you that scientists in many countries are trying to understand why the coronavirus is causing more havoc in some cities and countries, while in some places it has little effect.

Earlier, it was also revealed in some research that the D614G strain was very much present in Italy, UK and New York City. More people have been killed by coronavirus in these places.

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