Corona breaks records in America, 76 thousand new cases

A record 76 thousand cases a day in America, Trump avoided party convention
The Corona virus seems to be having an effect on the presidential election to be held in the US in November. The Republican Convention due in August has been canceled for now.

  • Uncontrolled situation due to corona virus in America
  • Nearly three lakh new cases every four days
  • Corona may affect elections

Due to Corona virus in America, the situation is constantly getting worse

In the last 24 hours more than 76 thousand new cases of corona virus have been reported in the US, which is a record. With this, the total number of patients in America has reached 4 million, which is the highest in the world.

Initially, there were many cases in the beginning in the US and the number of deaths was also increasing rapidly. But now a second wave of corona is going on in America, in which the record of new cases is being broken everyday. In the last 24 hours, there have been 1225 deaths due to Corona virus in America.

According to John Hopkins University, the total number of cases in America is now close to 40 lakh 35 thousand, while the death toll is going to be close to 1.5 lakh. In the US, more than 65 thousand cases are being reported every day for the past several days. US President Donald Trump has cited more testing as the main reason behind it.

Republic party convention canceled
The Corona virus crisis is still in America

Republic party convention canceled
The Corona virus crisis is still in America, but preparations are also going on for the elections to be held in November. Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump announced that the Republican Party Conventiona to be held in August will not be held this time.

Now it has been postponed. Donald Trump said that it would be better to avoid it given the current situation, because it is a matter of people’s lives.

However, the US President announced that he would definitely deliver his speech in some other way. Let me tell you that the Republic Party Convention was to be held in Florida on August 24. The two parties have separate conventions in the US election, in which the party candidate is officially announced.

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