Chinese Army Didn’t Retreat in Galvan

Chinese army did not retreat in Galvan! Camps and vehicles seen in satellite image
Yesterday i.e. Sunday’s satellite image has revealed that Chinese camps, JCB machines and Chinese army vehicles are still present on the banks of Galvan river. However, all are stationary ie there is no movement.

Chinese Camp Seen in the June 28 Satellite Image

• China promised India to withdraw

The stress on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) remains. China had promised to retreat, but yesterday’s satellite image showed that Chinese camps, JCB machines and Chinese army vehicles still exist along the banks of the Galvan River. The question arises that despite the concurrence why the Chinese army vehicles and JCB machines have not moved from there?

Is This a New Move By The Chinese Army People’s Liberation Army (PLA)?

In the satellite photo of June 28, Chinese army vehicles, JCB machines and camps are still there, while China promised to remove them. It is clear that China is not ready to retreat easily. Is this a new move by the Chinese Army People’s Liberation Army (PLA)?

Significantly, the valiant soldiers of India gave a befitting reply to the betrayal that China committed on the night of 15 June in Galvan Valley. Now the turn is to answer in another way and that is the development of areas adjacent to China in Ladakh. To strengthen the infrastructure there. Efforts by the government to increase roads and facilities have intensified.

After the violent clash of June 15, the bridge and culvert along with a Bailey Bridge on the Galvan River have been constructed in record time. India has made it clear to China that it will continue construction of infrastructure including construction of highways in northern Ladakh. Keeping this in mind, four boarder road projects have been started in the last few days.

India will not Compromise on Building Infrastructure Like Roads in its Border

The government’s decision regarding this is very clear that there will be no compromise in the construction of civil and military infrastructure. Negotiations will continue to reduce stress, but India will not compromise on building infrastructure like roads in its border.

This resolve of India is making China in awe

After agreeing to retreat, Chinese soldiers have withdrawn from the Galvan river, but their tents and equipment are present. This is being confirmed by yesterday’s satellite image. There are sugar camps, heavy vehicles and JCB machines, but surprisingly, all the equipment is stable. There is no movement.

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