Career In Geography In India

Frankly speaking / career desk. The wider the geography as a subject (Jobs in Geography), the greater are the chances of employment in it. By studying it properly in the new era, you can create a career full of passion and thrill, which has both name and price. She is telling. Geography is the study of the physical characteristics of the Earth and its atmosphere. It also includes the distribution of human population and resources, and the study of political and economic activities, because while these things affect the physical characteristics of the Earth and its environment, they are also affected by them.

Being a subject related to nature, it is not only interesting but also very exciting because the higher study of geography provides an opportunity to get familiar with the varied physical texture of the earth and the texture and cultures of human society. At the stage of civilization today, issues such as natural disasters, climate change, extreme population growth, rapid urbanization, the inadequacy of natural resources, and multicultural integration can be solved only by professional knowledge of geography.

comprehensive range

Geography is a fairly broad subject. Therefore, the career prospects in it are also quite high. Geography has different branches like physical, human, and environmental. The physical characteristics of the Earth and its atmosphere are studied under physical geography. Whereas in human geography, human political, economic, social, and cultural activities are well known. Environmental Geography studies in detail the weather, climate, etc. along with the occupational environment and its effects on human life.

Avenues open after twelfth

The study of geography starts from the sixth grade in schools, but the way to make a career in it opens only after the twelfth class. There are courses from Bachelor to Ph.D. Admission to graduation is available only after XII. This can be followed by MA and PhD after MA. There are also special certificate and diploma courses after graduation. But to reach here it is necessary to score good marks in geography in the twelfth. The grip on the subject should also be strong because in some institutes there are merit in geography on the basis of merit and many admit through the entrance examination.

This is an important skill

To make a good career in geography it is very important that you have deep interest and knowledge about the subject as well as the ability to keep pace with other people. In fact, a geographer needs to keep pace with different departments in order to do his job well.

Computational Intelligence
Skills in combining data and analyzing
• Map making is a necessary qualification with a good grip on mathematics
Major course
• Undergraduate Postgraduate
• Graduate (BA). Its duration is three years
• Postgraduate (MA). Its duration is two years
• Ph.D. Its duration is two years
PG Diploma Course
• Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System. Its duration is one year
• Geographical cartography. The duration of this course is one year
• PG Certificate Course
• Geoinformatics and remote sensing. The duration of this course is six months

Can try luck in these areas


Their main job is to construct and develop maps and related diagrams, charts, travel guides, etc. and renovate old maps and documents. These professionals get jobs in government, survey, conservation, and publishing.

Environmental consultant

Their main job is to get their commercial or government customers to follow environmental regulations and work on various environmental issues. They get jobs in government and water-related organizations.

Town planner

Their job is to plan the development and management of cities, towns, villages, and rural areas; Ensuring the stability of development and protection of the natural environment; Improve existing infrastructure, and address environmental issues. They find work in both the public and private sectors.

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