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Keeping the fast Donated the Food for the Needy

Other than this the ration which got left behind will be donated in the Naam Charcha (Regional Spiritual Congregation) to the needy. They further added that devotees speeded up the humanitarian welfare works as mentioned in the previous three holy letters by Revered Saint Dr. MSG. They said that the holy letter which Revered Saint Ji sends on Maharehmokaram Diwas asking to pray for their personal legitimate demand, devotees only prayed for the health of Saint Dr. MSG and also for their physical presence in between us. 

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The Fact eye | Devotees from Rori Block kept the fast for the peace and happiness of the world along with the physical presence of the Saint Dr. MSG in between them, as per the words in the holy letter of Revered Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan.  And they donated the Ration for the day to the needy. Block Bhangidas (regional Sewadar) Pawan Insan told that keeping the holy message by revered saint written in the holy letter, devotees kept fast and donated the ration to the people in need of the day.