Buttermilk Benefits will make you surprise! Will let you away from these Serious Diseases. Know the Right Time of Consumption.

Consuming buttermilk on regular basis will prevent you from many diseases

Buttermilk the ultimate elixir (as per Ayurveda), benefits one in many ways. Consuming this helps in preventing many of the disorders. Liquid got after the churning of curd and removing ghee from it is nothing but buttermilk. Especially in summer consuming buttermilk blesses the tremendous benefits to the health.

Buttermilk prepared from fresh curd is said to be more beneficial for the health. Drinking, helps in relieving frommany of the complaints like heaviness in the stomach, bloating, loss of appetite, indigestion and acidity etc. Adding roasted cumin with a pinch of black pepper & rock salt to the buttermilk helps even in severe indigestion when consumed slowly sip by sip.

Contents of Buttermilk

Vitamin A, B, C & K are present in abundant amount. Consuming buttermilk especially in summer keeps one energetic and keep us nourished.

Benefits of Buttermilk

            Regularusage of buttermilk helps in normal digestive system functioning. It is very much rich in probiotics, which ultimately promoting the functions of intestine; and thus, helping in boosting up the immunity.

Relive from Acidity

acidity remedies

            Buttermilk is the elixir for acidity. One can have buttermilk after a time gap to meal, helping in relieving from the burning stomach.

Right time of Consuming

            Having spicy food can cause the swelling internally, by consuming buttermilk one can even neutralize the effect of spices. If you are feeling heaviness in the stomach after meal, one can have buttermilk to reduce the effect.

Helps in reducing the Weight

           Buttermilk use to reduce the weight because of low calorie count and fat in it. Some believes this as fat burner instead.

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Strengthening the Bones

            As sufficient amount of calcium in buttermilk provides the nourishment to the bones. Hence, one can prevent the osteoporosis.

Keeps you Rehydrated

            In summer excessive sweating leads to the dehydration, drinking buttermilk in regular basis helps one to rehydrate. Even doctors suggest to have buttermilk regularly in summer season.

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