Bulgaria PM goes to Church without wearing Mask, Fined 13,000

Bulgaria PM goes to church without wearing mask, fined 13,000
Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the country at 4 pm on Tuesday. In his address, he gave the example of the Prime Minister of Bulgaria and said that he too had to pay a fine for not wearing a mask.
Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Boyko Borisov (Photo: Reuters)

• Prime Minister Narendra Modi named Bulgaria’s PM

• He was fined 13 thousand for going to church without a mask

Talking about Unlock 2.0, PM Narendra Modi has spoken about following strict rules to protect against Corona. For this, he gave the example of the Prime Minister of Bulgaria, saying that he also had to pay a heavy fine for going without a mask in a public place.

The Prime Minister of Bulgaria had to Pay a Fine of $ 174 for not Wearing a Mask in The Church

The Prime Minister of Bulgaria had to pay a fine of $ 174 for not wearing a mask in the church, which is about 13 thousand rupees in Indian currency. This incident happened last Tuesday.

According to the news website Newsweek, Prime Minister Boyko Borisov is the Prime Minister of Bulgaria since May 2017. He had to pay this fine because the health ministry of that country had taken the order that it is mandatory to wear masks in indoor places.

Bulgarian PM seen without mask in church
Borisov went on his official visit to the country’s largest Eastern Orthodox Rela Church. The church was on Rila Mountain, 70 miles south of Bulgaria’s capital, Sofia. Not only the Prime Minister, all those who did not wear masks with him were also fined. The photo of this event on Tuesday was broadcast in a local media in which many people were seen without a mask with the Prime Minister.

PM Modi said That a PM has been Fined for not Wearing a Mask

In fact, PM Modi while addressing the country on Tuesday said that the rules were seriously followed during the lockdown in India. Now the citizens of the country need to show vigilance again. Those who are not following the rules, they have to be stopped and explained. A Prime Minister of a country was fined 13 thousand rupees because he was wearing masks without a public place. In India also the local administration should work with this agility.

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