Bring Economies Back

Leaders around the world are supporting that climate-smart policies (ie policies to protect the environment) should be adopted to bring economies back on track so as to avoid the potential risk of a climate crisis.

But the reality is that many countries are not doing anything in this direction because the situation arising out of Corona epidemic has tied their hands.
According to Bloomberg’s report, the world’s 50 largest economies have promised to spend $ 12 trillion to revive the economy from the Corona epidemic.
But even an amount equal to the amount of this amount has not been kept due to economic activities which save the environment.

Increasing Coal Production will Increase Energy Production

Coal field of india
While announcing the opening of India’s 41 coal mines to the private sector, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said last week, “Increasing coal production will increase energy production. Also, production in steel, aluminum, cement and fertilizer sectors Will increase. “

India produced 675 million tonnes of coal in the year 2018. More than 70 percent of the country’s electricity generation is generated from coal-fired power plants.
Prime Minister Modi also said that there are huge reserves of coal in 16 districts of the country and an investment of Rs 500 billion will be made for the development of infrastructure for exploiting them.
He also said that the coal extracted from mining will be converted into gas so that the environment can be conserved.
But the question arises whether any such technology is available and how much it will cost.

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