#BoycottChina Worried Chinese Companies, Global Times Gave This Advice

After the martyrdom of 20 Indian soldiers in a violent clash, the impact of the strictness of India has started falling on the Chinese companies. This claim has been made by China’s official media Global Times itself.

The protest against Chinese goods continues in India: Global Times expressed concern over the protest

The impact of increasing tension between India and China on the Ladakh border has started to appear on trade. The Indian government is in the mood to increase the custom duty on goods coming from China. The Commerce Ministry is in talks with the Finance Minister about this. The toughness of India has started to affect the Chinese companies. This claim has been made by China’s official media Global Times itself.

According to the Global Times, the most impact of tension on the border between India and China has been on Chinese companies. Chinese mobile company Oppo had to cancel its live event. Oppo was about to launch its 5G phone in the Indian market through a live event, but pulled back due to opposition from Chinese goods.

The Global Times says the two governments have tried to ease tensions to some extent and businesses want economic and trade cooperation to remain, but advise Chinese businesses about potential risks from growing anti-China sentiment in India should be given.

The Global Times says that Chinese companies should ensure the safety of their capital and personnel. They must be prepared carefully for the worst situation and consider continuing their investment and production plans of India until the border crisis between the two neighbors is resolved.

According to the Global Times, as far as the current situation is concerned, there is no denying that the border dispute between China and India will affect bilateral economic and trade relations, as anti-China sentiment in India will continue for some time. , But this does not mean that Chinese companies should sit idle.

Advising Chinese companies, the Global Times said that companies should not sit silent. If possible, they should think about diversifying their investments and looking for possible alternative markets. We hope that the Indian government will provide the necessary security for all Chinese personnel, as well as all Chinese businesses and their property.

The Global Times believes that violent clashes were something that neither a country could anticipate nor wanted to see. The rising nationalist fever in India as a result of this skirmish has already made a significant impact on bilateral relations and economic relations.

Significantly, after the martyrdom of 20 Indian soldiers on the Ladakh border, India is angry and protests are taking place everywhere. People are demanding boycott of Chinese goods. This is affecting Chinese companies. Hoardings of Chinese companies have been removed at many places.

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