Bihar Election: 3.5 million Silent; The voters will ‘coup’ this time!

In the political battlefield of Pataliputra, the battle will be a win, which will win the hearts of more than 35 lakh ‘silent’ voters. When the election results are out on November 10, the role of those 3.5 lakh silent voters is going to be the biggest. Why are these 35 lakh voters call silent voters? The mathematics of which alliance they will go with and which coalition will be damaged, all are engaged in putting political parties.

Special things

  • 35 lakh silent voters in Bihar will decide defeat and victory
  • 13 lakh elderly voters from across the 80s will vote at home
  • 16 lakh migrant laborers played a big role in this election

Patna: In this election of Bihar, there are more than 35 lakh voters including migrant laborers, elderly and disabled people. The largest number of them are migrant laborers, who have returned to their homes after heavy lockdown.

Poor laborers due to lockdown will show their Strength in Elections!

According to a data, about 2.5 million migrant laborers of Bihar have returned in lockdown, out of which about 9 lakh migrant laborers have again migrated to cities and other states so that the car of life continues to run. While there are still 16 lakh migrant laborers in the state who are expecting the government to provide employment at the local level. When the Election Commission conduct an inquiry, it was found that out of these 16 lakh migrant laborers, only 14 lakh voter cards had been made.

While new voter cards of 2 lakh migrant laborers had been made. In this election, 16 lakh migrant laborers will take part. There is anger in them due to lack of employment at the local level, which may prove to be a problem for the Nitish government. The government had promised them financial assistance and work at the local level during the lockdown.

A few lakh laborers got a few days’ works in the MNREGA, but it cannot work. The state government will have to employ more and more migrant laborers. Though these 16 lakh migrant laborers are spread in different districts, their land can be decisive in at least 2 dozen assembly seat. In such a situation, their importance increased when the difference between the victory and defeat is decreasing and anti-incumbency against the Nitish government is also been seen. When the lockdown was announced due to Corona in the country, the migrant laborers of Bihar suffer the most to return to the state.

At first, due to the Corona crisis, the state government try to run trains, but when lakhs of workers started walking, special laborers express trains were run for Bihar with the help of the center. Somewhere it was seen that the workers have to eat even the police poles on the way. Many workers killed in road accidents.

This time the same government in Bihar with whom it crossed 80

This time, the Election Commission in Bihar has given voting rights to those voters who have seen 80 spring and sitting at home who feel difficulty in walking. There are about 13 lakh, such elderly voters, above the age of 80 in the state. These elders have endured many decades of trouble. The eyes of Nitish to Lalu and Congress have also been seen. Most of them are such elders, whose children go to the city in search of livelihood and then the elders stay alone in the houses. Such elders are often unable to cast their votes in elections because they do not even have the courage to go to the booth and shove in the crowd.

Therefore, the Election Commission has prepared “Form 23D” for the elderly voters who have crossed the age of 80, which will be sent to their house before voting and their voting will be done through this form.
If we talk about Bihar, most elderly voters are in the state capital Patna where their number is more than 88 thousand. After this, there are 73 thousand elderly voters in Madhubani and more than 65 thousand in Sitamarhi.

6 lakh disabled voters in Bihar

Like the elderly, the Election Commission has made arrangements to cast votes for the disabled. There are about 6 lakh, disabled voters, in Bihar. Be it big or small leaders of Bihar, they are trying to understand the mood of these 3.5 lakh silent voters. Among them, the biggest focus is on migrant laborers. There is also resentment against the government, so the opposition parties have already started creating an anti-government atmosphere by provoking the anger of the migrant workers.

But in front of these 3.5 lakh silent voters, the same trouble is that if not Nitish then who? So why Nitish Kumar’s stature will once again give him a victory despite anti-incumbency and anger of migrant laborers and he will become the Chief Minister of Bihar for the seventh time. For this, you will have to wait till November 10, but if Nitish’s charismatic moves against Tejashwi, it should not be surprising.

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