Best Out Of Waste Ideas For Creative Kid’s Project

Keeping children busy and keeping their minds is not an easy task. Modern gadgets and televisions have made this task easy, but they are only used for a limited period of time. So let’s adopt some old ways for this and learn 1-2 ways to keep children busy through art and craft. Crafting from waste materials is the best way to spend some time with children and teach something new.

From home decor items to small things that they can wear as jewelry or lovable and cute, there are so many things that can be made from useless things lying in the house. So wake up your inner artist and try these craft ideas using vest materials.

Super Creative Waste Material Craft Ideas For Kids

Crafting with useless things is not only economical, but it also inspires the artist inside the children to reuse things! Here are some easy, fun, and beautiful craft ideas for children, which can be made from useless materials!

Milk house

For this activity, you can use an old can of milk, which is not only fun and busy but will attract your children a lot when the birds come to your balcony.
Milk or juice box

• white spray paint
• White glue such as fevicol
• Hot Glue Gun
• a spoonful of plastic
• colored tissue paper
• Cutter or knife
• Sponge Brush
• Large cover and soft book cover
• Wool

Method of making

• Spray paint the milk or juice cans and leave to dry.
• Dilute the white glue by mixing it in water and apply a thin layer on top of the box and on the book cover.
• Before the glue dries, apply colored tissue or paper on the box randomly, giving it a colorful look. You can also apply tissue paper on top of one.
• Make a hole above the box with the help of a cutter and make a hole in the side of the box to make the door. Cut a small ‘X’ shape just below the door and put a plastic spoon in it. The grains will be placed on this spoon for the bird. Now roof over with the help of a hot glue gun. Make two small cuts on the roof with a distance of about 2 inches. Remove the wool from this cut and hang the birdhouse with this cutie.

Bookmarks made of a popsicle stick

Make holiday reading fun with these DIY bookmarks. These can also be good gifts for friends.
• Popsicle sticks
• Clipping Clothes
• glue
• ribbon
• Felt pens
• Googly Eyes

Method of making

•Start with a washed and dried popsicle stick.
With the help of glue, give children clippings of cloth to wrap and stick in ice cream sticks. in this
• Leave a little space to make the face which should be about a quarter of the way up.

The ribbon can be used to make belts or hair accessories with the help of glue. Finally, stick the googly eyes on either side of the stick and make a mouth. Your cute little bookmark is ready.

Gleaming cd fish

Help your child make his own aquarium with these attractive fish.
necessary ingredients
• a CD
• Glitter
• white glue
• yellow card paper
• Scotch tape
• scissors

How to make googly eyes

Apply glue to the entire CD, leaving only the middle part blank.
Sprinkle the glitter well on the CD and leave it to dry.
Cut the mouth, petals, and tails from the yellow card paper and paste them into the blank space of the dried CD with the help of tape. Stick the googly eyes to one side of the fish’s face. Your fun fish is ready.

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