Assume Equal Responsibility In Raising Children

Parents will have to give time to their children. The time you give today, consider it as an investment. The better the investment, the better the result. Every parent will have to take some time out of their runaway life and give it to their children.

Special things

  • Understand children’s feelings
  • Do not snatch the childhood of innocent
  • Now the need to change the way

New Delhi: In last week’s incident, a couple came to me and said that if you do not listen to the son, he repeatedly threatens to go to the police. Still only 13 years old, yet repeated threats are beyond my comprehension. I asked to bring my son the next day. He also came with his parents. I asked Uncle – My father has no money. They do not give time Some should learn from it to avoid everything. What to do? Threatening often makes a point.

‘Kahaani ghar ghar ki’

What he revealed is even more shocking. Bola-Uncle saw a video on Corona’s first father’s phone. A child of my age reached the police station after complaining of my father. Then the police heard the matter, called his father and reprimanded him, and also gave a decree not to do so. When I pressed my mind, I remembered that this story was from Etawah.

A teenager reached the police station there and the video went viral on social media. This story is not only of this or that innocent but of many children. Then the Etawah child had said that his father closed shop and disappeared day by day. If the mother says something, she also fights with them. When talking about showing the show, he started scolding. When threatened, I said whatever you want to do, so I came to the police.

Psychology of children

Actually, this innocent only has so much desire that the police scold his father. If you do not agree, then beat me up, but the same innocent also says that my father is good, but whenever he gets angry then he messes up. This child had also made some similar things or complaints. He too needs father’s time, but Papa says that in this difficult time, I must juggle lentils or roti or give them time, my mother is in their service day and night. This is the story of many houses in India, in particular, the tradition of not giving time to children in urban houses is increasing. All are engaged in such a race of materialism that children are becoming out of their priority.

Need to change the attitude

Parents will have to give time to their son and daughter. The time you give today, consider it as an investment. The better the investment, the better the result. Every parent will have to take some time out of their runaway life and give it to their children. To mother and father too. Actually, the innocent need the love of both. His work does not work with anyone. If you feel that the time will come for mummy, father instead of father, then you are in a mood to chat. Actually, he also needs the love of grandparents, but it is not in everyone’s luck. And how will it be, when the son will take his elderly mother out of the house, then the innocent will have to remain unhappy with this priceless love. Now, due to the careers of both the husband and wife, they are not getting the right to children.

This may be the ideal method

When the child is crying in someone’s lap, pick him up, and give it in the mother’s lap. See, as soon as the mother hugs and pats love on the back, all the grief of the innocent is reduced. He falls silent. You can try it multiple times. This formula will prove to be effective every time. It will fail in the same condition when the innocent will suffer a lot and he will not be able to tell. The mother easily catches all such sorrows of the child.

Pay attention before family planning

This means that I am not at all opposed to the career of girls. But I definitely want to suggest that whenever planning a baby, the husband and wife should sit together and think that if both of them want to keep their career going, then what can be the option. An important option may be the child’s grandmother or grandmother. If you can stop any of these two relationships with you, then it will be a matter of benefit. But they should not feel that you have called them to use.

They have to realize that they are an important part of your life. Keeping the grandmother does not mean that you should not come. Must keep This will make them feel that you take care of them as well. This will have two straight benefits. One – Your child will be fully protected. Two- Society will also look at you with good eyes because you will give your mother the rightful due.

If anyone is able to create such a synergy that grandparents or grandparents will get the love of each other, then this child will be happy to sleep. However, all of this will not happen in a day. This conversation will have to be done before planning a baby. Rather, make mother and mother-in-law also a part of this plan. They will also like it and both of them will also be mentally prepared. If this happens, the Etawah incident will not be repeated and innocent people will also get their rights easily.

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