An elderly patient died at the Sadar Hospital in Katihar due to lack of treatment.

Katihar: The patient is suffering, the doctor is absent; Uproar in hospital on death
The elderly was brought to Sadar Hospital on the complaint of stomach ache and cough, even after hours passed, the doctors did not treat.

A patient lost his life due to the negligence of doctors at Sadar Hospital in Katihar, Bihar. His family has alleged this. Due to lack of oxygen, the patient died yearning. Family members said that on the complaint of stomach ache and cough, the elderly Hariprasad was brought to Sadar Hospital from Chalisa Hatia locality.

Despite several hours passed, the doctor did not treat him. During this time, the family requested many times to apply oxygen but the hearing was not done. On the death of the patient, the angry family created a furore in Sadar Hospital. The civil surgeon has said that if someone has defaulted, then investigation will be taken and action will be taken.

After this, the relatives took Hazariprasad Sah to Sadar Hospital for treatment.The patient’s health started worsening and there was trouble in breathing. After hours passed, even after the doctor did not come His family ran around in panic and started asking the doctors to apply oxygen to the patient. But still the patient did not get proper treatment due to which he died.

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