A Unique Welfare Society For Humanitarian Aid

Shah Satnam Ji Green-S Welfare Force

With the aim of selfless service to humanity,Guru Ram Rahim Ji has constituted a specialized disaster relief and welfare agency called Shah Ji Green-S Welfare Force.

Especially in the aftermath of the Orissa cyclone and Gujarat eaflhquake, the need for such an agency was acutely felt, since our country lacks suitably trained nvan power to handle such exigencies.

Therefore this voluntary agency that would  fearlessly and unselfishly help during disasters and large scale humanitarian projects was Seen below are the volunteers of this novel agency raising their hands in salute to honour and joyously celebrate the birthday of Param Pita Shah Satnam ji on 25th January every year.

This is also the day of their re-dedication as they pay their respect to the Sadh Sangat,and Hazoor Maharaj j i, the founder.

May we salute Shah Satnamji for this opportunity to serve humanity


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