A lot of Planning is Required to make a Building Green.

And greenery is the only way to control the increasing carbon emissions. If the trend of keeping greenery outside buildings starts, carbon emissions from the building construction industry in China can be reduced to a great extent.

Building Needs a lot of Planning to Make it Green

At the same time, some experts also say that the material used to build the building will also have to be improved. For example, cement alone is responsible for 8 percent of the world’s total carbon emissions in a year. If the construction material is recycled, the carbon emissions will be reduced to a great extent.

In this direction, Vinson Company of China has also started work. For this work, this company is resorting to 3D technology.
To build a new building, it is better to grind and use the waste material to use the things which already exist. Lu Heng, director of the Green Architecture Design and Research Institute, is doing something similar. He got the old part of an old factory ready for himself by giving it a new look with the help of old glass and cement pieces. They built curtain walls around the corridor that do not allow the hot air outside to enter and the temperature inside is controlled. Lew says that 3D printing can prove to be very effective in this work. This will also save both wages and materials.

Flags off More Than a Thousand Green Projects in China

Work is also being done on building such buildings in China, which can be kept cold or hot without any mechanical means. It was first used in 2005 in Beijing’s Peking University building. The corridors of this building are designed in such a way that they remain hot in winter and cool in summer as well as natural light is also abundant and electricity consumption is negligible. The electricity system in the classroom has also been developed in such a way that lights are lit only in the presence of someone.

The people of the architecture sector hope that the way new designs are being made for the buildings, they are very stable and the Chinese government will help them move forward. By 2018, more than 10,000 green projects have been approved in China. In 2017, China had decided that 50 percent of the buildings to be built by 2020 would be green buildings.

The rate of urban development in China is fast. So the pace of change here will also be fast. If half of the total buildings in the world are to be built in China in this decade, then these new methods will bring a big change. If China also makes 50 percent of its buildings full of greenery, then the total carbon emissions of the world will fall drastically.

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