A Big Slap on thoes Who Spoke Against Baba Ram Rahim

Hello guys, we are back with another fact which is not collected by sources, we asked from people directly
Here we interviewed with Er Sandeep Singla .we talked about Baba Ram Rahim ,Society and wanted to know the Facts about Baba ji .He is basically from Punjab and he sharing many things with us.

Q1. Do you know Baba Ram Rahim ?

Reply. Yes, He said many of my friends follow Baba Ram Rahim and i also visited one or two times to Dera Sacha Sauda.

Q2.Is Baba Ram Rahim really a Society Reformer?

Reply. Yes, Baba Ram Rahim is The great Spiritual Saint who is a Social Reformer, In Punjab millions of people follow him. And I observed many followers who serve humanity as per the guidance of him. I have few friends who follows Baba Ram Rahim and when I get free time, I use to spend it with them and they always talk about humanitarian works.

One day, my one friend was talking about the advice given by Baba Ram Rahim for the stray animals, for such animals they have used reflective light on their horns so that they can avoid the accident. And they decided to set reflective light on the horns of those animals who wander on the highway.

I was also went out on highway with them and set up reflector light on the horns of animals. I am not a follower of Baba Ram Rahim but I like to see the followers who always serve humanitarian works. Baba Ram Rahim is really a great society reformer and he has changed millions of lives, they all are living a good life with following Guru Ji’s guidance.

Q3. Baba Ram Rahim has cores of flowers and improved many people life. Is this all true?

Reply.Yes this is true, Baba Ram Rahim has improved cores of people’s life, and they have got rid of their drunkenness. Those who used to drink even in the daytime but now they are living a healthy life and got rid from their drinking habit. Baba Ram Rahim transforms life like hell into heaven. More than 70 million people are grateful to him.

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Adding to his conversation he sharing an example with us ,
He said my neighbors used to drink alcohol and their house always smelled of alcohol and vomiting. One day someone told them about Dera Sacha Sauda and they visited there and learn Baba Ram Rahim’s discourse. Since that day, that house never got intoxication, Here, I closely observed the differences between hell and heaven. If I could see this true news, then other people would have seen it and really people would have left the intoxication. Really Baba Rahim doing immense efforts to Reform the society.

Q4. Baba Ram Rahim hold 80 world records for their works, what you want to say about this?

Reply. yeah I know about these records and he won this for welfare works. Whenever I see Baba Ram Rahim, I am happy that a saint is engaged in reforming the society with honesty and started humanitarian works.

And he won the world records for welfare works. For example, in order to successfully perform eye surgery and run mega hygiene campaigns in various states, records have been recorded in their names. And in fact it is a commendable work done by them.

Q5. Now we all know about Baba Ram Rahim what happening with him, what’s your opinion about this and what difference you find now after him?

Reply. Baba Ram Rahim not just taught others to serve humanity and he was also doing all welfare works he dedicated his whole life to mankind services. From my point of view he is true saint and social reformer .May be some anti-social people not want to see the increasing following of baba ram Rahim or social reforming.

Moreover ,The Saint who just wanted to Reform society and wants to eliminate people’s all bad habits than what’s wrong in this. And rather than opposed fake allegation on him we need to cooperate with him so that, we could remove all crimes from the world. Now still his followers doing humanitarian works but not like the flow in which Baba Ram Rahim guides and done this works.

But still its commendable that the Teachings of Baba Ram Rahim is never fade even after this happening and still the “Karavan of humanity” going on.

Now all of you know the truth about Baba Ram Rahim and we will again bring another video which is full of facts, till then stay connected with us to know more about true facts with “The Fact Eye”.

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