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A Big Hand Behind The Success of Women

It is constantly pleased being a lady and International Women’s Day is the day to celebrate being a Women. The International Women’s Day which is celebrated on March eighth is to praise the accomplishments of ladies in different fields like monetary, political and social line. Aside from festivity of their accomplishments, the day is also Celebrated to express our regards, gratefulness and love towards the most influential women who have set benchmark for many.


History of Women’s Day


Worldwide Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated on March 8 consistently. It is a point of convergence in the development for ladies’ rights. After the Socialist Party of America sorted out a Women’s Day on February 28, 1909, in New York, the 1910 International Socialist Woman’s Conference recommended a Women’s Day be held every year.

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Earlier Life of Women


In Indian population 48% are females. In rural area, life of women is very typical. They are not having any rights & equality in the society and there is only rules & regulations runs by men.
In Past,
All women were treated like they were born to work like slaves & to perform the responsibilities of family and house. She didn’t have any single right to live with full freedom, no right to education also they hadn’t permission to take single step outside the house. Imagine how the bad situation on that time, it’s much suffocated life for them.



Women Empowerment


Women empowerment is to motivate and develop women by promoting their participation in all areas and sectors, to build stronger economies, improve their quality of life and bring gender equality with equal amount of opportunities. It is to help them to take their own decisions by breaking all their personal rules that the society and their family has created for them. It is to make them independent in all aspects from thought, mind, decision, and wealth and to bring equality in society.

Many NGO’s are works for Women empowerment. Here are some works for Women empowerment to uplift their courage or to live independent life.

Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, a great persona with kind & brave heart who has Started many initiatives for Women Empowerment. HE taught people to give equals rights & respect to the Girls, because the same blood flows in her veins which flows in sons. Because of HIS initiatives & Awareness program for Women’s Empowerment millions of people have started giving their girl child the educationright. It makes really proud, because all girls are achieving huge success in every field and making their parents proud.

Baba Ram Rahim has started several initiatives for girls like :-

Women Empowerment, Royal Daughters,kul ka crown (Girl marry with boy and he live at girl’s home after marriage), arrange the marriage again for widow or divorced Women, setup institute for teaching women to make them self independent, so then she can earn by own and survive without troubles, Skin bank for acid attack victims who feel like they have lost their identity & self confidence, Baba Ram Rahim take the responsibility of their treatment free of cost at his hospitals and arrange the marriage for those with well educated boys. Similarly, many more initiative He has Started for the girls and because of His support every girl live with confidence, self-independent. Great deeds are going on by Baba Ram Rahim ji.


The Bud Of Knowledge

Promoting girl’s education through awareness and facilitation.

Empowered Women

Operating training centers for giving self-defense techniques to females.


Setting up vocational centers such as stitching centers looms for weaving etc. as a source of employment for women in rural areas.

Save Woman Hood

Assisting destitute women.

Anticipated Life

Helping young widows getting married again.


Providing help to financially poor and unprivileged girls to get married.

The new Morn

To help and counsel young divorcee women to get married again and start a new life by finding good matches.

Sorrow free journey

To arrange marriages of girls who are physically challenged, suffering from vitiligo (skin disorder), speech disorders/stammering etc. with Devout warriors.

Respect Motherhood

Providing healthy and nutritious food and medical treatment to extremely poor pregnant women.

Mother Child Guardians

Bringing up the newly born babies and nurturing the poor pregnant women for some time till the baby grows to some extent.

Self Defence Training

To Counter crime against women by teaching them self defense to tackle anti-social elements: Training them in Judo, Taekwondo and martial arts at grassroots level.

Royal Daughter

With an aim to counter the menace of female feticide and gender-based discrimination of girls, Revered Guru Ji has adopted the girls who were to be killed in the fetus or are abandoned by parents as his own foster daughters. He has inspired lacks of followers to take a pledge not to kill their unborn daughters.

Crown of the Linege

Promoting matrilineal inheritance (parallel to the usual patrilineal one) by encouraging the boy (if he has another male sibling) to relocate to his wife’s parental place with everyone’s consent and look after her parents as his own responsibility.

ShubDevi (bane Removed by Boon)

Revered Guru Ji adopts the girls entrapped in prostitution as his own daughters, gets them medically treated and rehabilitate them with the social mainstream by arranging their marriage, thus, creating a movement against prostitution.

Website: www.stopprostitution.org

Flight of Spirit

Arranging free treatment and marriages of girls who suffer from the hostile acid throw by the miscreants.

Beyong Imagination

To reach out to the victims of rape and gang rape and their families, to end their isolation and social ostracism. Young unmarried men who follow ‘Dera Sacha Sauda’ (Devout Warriors) shall volunteer to accept them as life partners, with their mutual consent.

Philosopher Said Women play a big role
Behind the Success of Men,
But history changes this lines now every Girl & Women Says
Saint Dr. MSG plays a big role behind the Success of Daughters
” .


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