9 Simple Ayurveda Tips to Make Your Diet Healthier

There is a famous proverb in Ayurveda i.e. When diet is wrong, Medicine is of no use; when diet is correct, medicine is of no need. These lines are just more then enough to state the importance of food. Well, not only this much Ayurveda the holistic science of life is the one who mentioned Food (Ahara) one among the 3 pillars of the life i.e., Ahara (Food), Nidra (Sleep) & Brahmcharya (Celibacy). Even today also most of us running for Food, Cloth & Shelter (Roti, Kapda & Makaan).

From the olden time till today there is a drastically change in both food as well as lifestyle. For example, in India, in 1960s vegetable oil known by the name Vanaspati, was introduces which was very much rich in trans fatty acids almost 40% and gained wide usage in home-based cooking with the name ‘Vegetable Ghee’. It is heavily utilized in the preparation of commercially fry, processe, bakery, ready to eat and street foods. The trans fatty acids within it raises the level of bad Cholesterol (LDL, VLDL, Triglycerides) and reduces the good Cholesterol (HDL level). This bad cholesterol because of its sticky nature get stick in the walls of Heart’s blood vessel and results in blockage. And good cholesterol helps in removing this bad cholesterol from the blood stream.

As today many of us are living with sedentary life style with very less physical work and also eating unhealthily, leads to raised level of fat in the blood which ends up in hyperlipidaemia and fatty liver. It is believes that 1 out of 3 people have hyperlipidaemia (raised fat level in blood). So, today it is very much necessary to shift our ancestral habit of having organic food from normal food with physical workout.

Just like cholesterol, diseases like heart attack, back pain, cervical pain, Diabetes, hypertension, stress and many more are the health problems which basically categorizes under the Lifestyle Disorders. And causative factors for most of the disorders is directly or indirectly link with the unhealthy diet itself which includes smoking and drinking as well. Here we are not going in deep regarding these diseases but will discuss what actually is healthy diet and what are the principles of having food.

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Ayurveda – the science of life is a complete science as they have mentioned about life, Daily Regimen (Dincharya), Seasonal Regimen (Rutucharya), Ahar Kalpana (Food and its applied aspects) etc., later they have mentioned diseases and their treatment. In Ahar Kalpana they have mentioned about the principles of having food, like nature, transformation, combination, amount, habitat, timing etc.

Even they are in that deep state of law where one has food with which combination also, they’d explained. Even while consuming the food what one should do and one should not i.e., method of consuming the food. In Charak Samhita (Top Ayurvedic Physician in Ancient India), there are certain steps which are mentions of method of having food i.e.,

9 Simple Ayurveda Tips

  1. Prepared meal should be take hot (Ushnam Ashniyat)
  2. Prepared meal should be unctuous (Snigdham Ashniyat)
  3. Should be take in proper amount which is requires (Matravat Ashniyat)
  4. After the digestion of the previous meal (Jirne Ashniyat)
  5. Food should not be antagonist in potency (Veerya Virudha Ashniyat)
  6. Should have food in the pleasant environment (Ishta Deshe)
  7. Meal should not be consume too quickly (Na Ati Drutam Ashniyat)
  8. Meal should not be take too slowly (Na Ati Vilambita Ashniyat)
  9. One should not talk and laugh while having the food.

Also, it is mention that one must take the food which contains all six tastes. Sweet taste should be taken in the initial part of the meal continued with rest of the part. Also, one should fix the timing of having food. one should have heavy meal in the morning itself and light to that should have in the afternoon later very light in the night that too if required.

There is a famous quotation that, “like what we eat is how our mind will be”. Well, this is absolute correct. Quality of food is very much important for our health as food just not only nourishes our body, it even nourishes our mind and soul too. Every single functioning of cells is only possible because of healthy diet itself.

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