8 Safeguards to Use When Paying Bills Online

online bill payment is a secure electronic service which allow you to pay bill via checking account or credit card.

while credit card and financial institutions have online security measures- such as passwords, encryption and automatic signoff- it never hurts to take extra precautions.

Important Tips to Use When Paying Bill Online

Use a secure Connection

Never use public wifi for paying bills or other fincial transactions.

Confirm the website is secure

Check the “https” at the beginning of the website’s URL.Another sign of security is a closed lock symbol.

Read the website’s privacy statement

It will detail how it protects and secures your personal and financial information.

Always Follow Up

Ensure your transaction were completed correctly and in the right amount.

Log out of your account

After you pay bills online, log out of your account to prevent anyone from
accessing when you leave your computer and phone.

Not save the username or password

If a bill pay site offers to save the username or password for your account, bypass the offer. Always enter this information yourself.

Do not pay bills from a link in an email

Do not pay bills from a link in an email. In your web browser, type in the website address yourself to go to the bill pay website directly.

Don’t share Information

Do not respond to or send any information to any bill paying service that asks for personal or financial information directly through email. Email is a notoriously nonsecure form of communication, and reputable services will never request sensitive personal or financial information through email.

The quick and easy solution to paying just got that much more secure.

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  • All this information will prove to be very good for all those people who are unable to take advantage of it due to the disadvantages of doing online transactions.

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