59 Chinese Apps Banned in India: Why Govt Did it And How it Will Affect Indian Users

Big hit of apps on China
In view of the deteriorating relationship with China, the Bharat government has taken a big step and banned 59 Chinese apps. After this decision of the central government, experts believe that this can cause huge economic loss to the companies that operate Chinese apps and to China itself.

According to an estimate, the company can incur a loss of Rs 100 crore only due to the ban of Tiktok alone. Because only five of the 10 most downloaded mobile apps in India are from Chinese companies only between March and May 2020. Among these, TicTok, Zoom, Helo, Uvideo and UC Browser are the apps which have been kept by millions of Indians. However, some of these apps are still not included in this list.

India is constantly giving shocks to China on the Economic Front

India is constantly giving shocks to China on the economic front. Now India is preparing to ban Chinese companies in all highway projects. Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has given this information.

Chinese companies will also not be allowed to work as joint venture partners (JVs). It is noteworthy that before this, Chinese companies were thrown out of many contracts of the railway. It is worth noting that at present, Chinese companies are working as partners in some infrastructure projects of the country. Gadkari has said that the new decision will be applicable to all existing and future projects.

  • Army’s presence increased in Ladakh

The Indian Army has doubled its Presence in Ladakh between India and China

The Indian Army has doubled its presence in Ladakh between India and China. India had to take this step because the Chinese army is trying to change the real situation in this area. This has been revealed in different reviews of security agencies. The army has deployed 40 to 45 thousand soldiers in the entire Ladakh region.

Earlier this number used to be 20 to 24 thousand. Apart from this, the presence of Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) personnel has also been increased in the protection of Indian land. An official told Aaj Tak / India Today that the number of Chinese soldiers is less than India and this number is around 30-35 thousand.

  • Fighter jets on the border

The Forward Air Base of the Air Force, adjacent to the outskirts of China, has a tremendous stir and the fighter jets of the Air Force are continuously patrolling here. Soldiers and goods are being sent from planes to different areas of Ladakh. MiG-29 aircraft, Apache and Chinook helicopters, which play an important role in Balakot air strike, are also deployed here. Multi-role Combat, Mirage-2000, Sukhoi-30 and Jaguar have also been deployed to monitor China from this forward air base of the Air Force. All these fighters are armed with weapons and are monitoring the area.

  • America friendship

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday congratulated President Donald Trump and the people of America on the 244th Independence Day of America. On this congratulatory message from PM Modi, US President Donald Trump said in reply that thank you my friend … America loves India. This dialogue of the two leaders can increase China’s restlessness. US Senators are strongly criticizing China’s expansionist policies against India.

A US senator said that China never believes in international agreements. On the other hand, Republican Senator Rick Scott wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying that America supports India against China. He said that China feels that it can be powerful only when America and India are weak.

These are many such factors, the effect of which was seen in reducing the tensions on the Indo-China border. The Prime Minister has already clarified that the Galvan Valley is ours. Therefore, China has a clear indication that it has no option but to go backward. The army, on the other hand, kept a close watch on China in land, water and sky and indicated that they would protect every inch of their motherland, no matter how much sacrifice was made for it.

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