50 rupees platform ticket? If you are going to go to this railway station then be careful

If you are going to a railway station to pick or drop a relative, family or friend, then keep an eye on this news. It should not happen that you have only ten rupees in your pocket to buy platform tickets and get upset by going to the Ticket Counter.

  • Special things
  1. Platform ticket prices go up
  2. This railway station has increased platform ticket prices
  3. Now for entry, you have to pay 50 rupees instead of 10
  4. New Delhi: Yes, the Platfrom Ticket is now 50 rupees.
  5. Platform ticket prices increased in this railway station
  6. According to the information received, platform ticket prices have been increased in Pune Junction railway station. Here you have to pay fifty rupees to enter the platform. Let us tell you that the maximum price for a ticket to enter any railway platform in India is only Rs 10. There is a lot of discussion on social media about increasing the price of platform tickets in Pune Junction.

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